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dypublishing is a UK rapper and producer with clean aesthetics and galvanising lyrics, who is based in Reading. A diamond in the rough: dypublishing is a future landmark artist of the early 21st century.


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dypublishing evokes the high-soaring spirit of champagne-toting rappers driven through lyrics split with debauched realism.

Think of a modern day Lord Byron drenched in the cannon of 90’s New York rap and shared through the green lawns of English suburbia.

Inspired by the landscape of 2-step Garage and Grime through which he was dragged during a gauzed adolescence, dypublishing has always been drawn to raw and open lyricism.

A true craftsman, he finds inspiration in the depth of warm vinyl samples and delivery over hard-hitting Hip Hop.

Producing and writing his own songs, dypublishing remains a burning ember of creativity in an industry bursting at the scenes with new talent.

His name originates from the the initials of his first and last names ‘D’ and ‘Y’, and ‘publishing’ comes from the idea of creating a publishing company for his music.

The Beginnings

“There’s obviously a limit to what I can put out there, but at this point, a lot of it is down to Mumsy owning the masters.” — dypublishing

dypublishing (pronounced dypublishing) was born Sheffield, South Yorkshire, and cultivated an early interest in the drums. The musical instrument, not the band. By 2001 he’d moved to Reading and was embroiled in the burgeoning Garage scene. By 15 he started to pursue a career in rap music.

dypublishing had a turbulent childhood. He feels his music is a reflection of typical ‘mummy daddy problems’ and, true to his word, released ‘What’s Your Frequency?” in early 2010, in conjunction with local studio Readipop.

The album gained little attention from the local hip hop scene. He performed at local Reading venues, including Play, and Pav’s. dypublishing is currently gearing up for release of his sophmore effort, ‘Heir To The Throne’.

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Rap should be warm and fuzzy, full of the hiss, crackle and pop of old vinyl recordings. Sampling and low-fidelity filtered sounds with ample use of low end are important.

Rap is poetry, the single most important driving force behind artistic endevour to explain and understand life.

dypublishing is a rapper and writer from Reading, UK.

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