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How to buy rap beats from producers

Before you spend your hard earned money on rap beats online follow the following 5 procedures to ensure you receive the greatest value for the bars you write.

Firstly: How To Get Free Rap Beats

There are many producers online trying to make a living from selling rap instrumentals but they vary in the level of quality. Some are making a full-time living making rap beats, others are just starting out. The ones just starting out in the industry usually give away their beats for free. They will retain royalty rights to the publishing rights, though.

These producers will likely want to keep their tag – a sample of their producer name or brand being spoken over the top of the instrumental – or at the very least they may require you to mention them in the song or give them credit for producing the beat wherever you upload the song on the internet. You won’t be able to collect 100% royalties from radio play, youtube streams or streaming services though.

A good place to start finding free rap beats is YouTube and Soundcloud: Using “Free Rap Beats” or “Free Hip Hop Instrumentals” will surface some suggestions initialy. Create a list of all the producers that give high quality free beats and visit their linked profile platforms to access new material.

If you release anything using one of their beats make sure you let them know and share your music link with them. You never know, if you do a really good job they may want to feature you on their website or start working with you exclusively.

Probably not but…you never know.

Secondly – 5 steps to purchasing and licensing beats. You know, legally.

Buying beats used to be a lot more complicated than it is today. You’d have to book a studio session, have a producer come by and show you some of his music production work, and if you liked it – physically exchange files.  Luckily for today’s generation of beatmakers, we have the internet.

In this article I’m going to show you how to buy beats online, as well as answer a few questions that may have scuttled across thine shrouded mind.

1. Find Beats You Love

The first thing you need to do when trying to buy beats online is to identify beats you absolutely love. This process can vary depending on how picky your beat selection is and what platforms you use to discover instrumentals. Some good platforms I’d recommend to find high quality beats include:

  • YouTube
  • Beatstars
  • Soundcloud

2. Look At The Producer’s Pricing

The next important thing on the list to consider the producer’s pricing. Depending on your budget, this will decide the beats you purchase. There are typically a few different pricing plans for you to choose from. Although the pricing will vary based on the producer, you can expect to pay anywhere from $20 – $100 for a typical standard beat lease (restricted streams, sales and downloads) and $300+ for an exclusive purchase (unrestricted release rights – though still not 100% rights of songwriting royalties).

3. Look At Their Terms. No seriously, look.

A lot of producers that sell beats online have similar terms in their contracts. Websites like Beatstars actually create standard templates that most artists adopt wholesale. It usually includes not being able to sell more than a set amount of units, crediting the producer on the song, and a few other things. Sometimes (especially when buying higher priced beats) – they’ll be sections inside the contract that will make your job of using the beat to generate income tough.

Enure you really study the legal terms (and/or contract) and if you don’t understand something and you’ve got money to literally chuck down a garbage disposal, get legal advice.

Seriously though when purchasing cheaper priced beats, there typically isn’t a contract for you to sign. This doesn’t mean you can do whatever the heck you want. Make sure to look at the terms listed on their website and look for any ‘out-of-sight’ terms that you may be agreeing to by purchasing the beat.

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4. Write Your Rap To The Beat Before Purchasing

I highly recommend all artists write to a beat before purchasing it. Heck – download the beat illegally and make a reference version of the song. Sometimes when you’re searching for a beat you like, you’ll hear something that triggers your inner creative and makes you feel like this beat, like a DJ Khaled song, ‘is the one’, but don’t be in such a rush to purchase.

I’ve seen several artists quickly purchase a beat because it sounds catchy, only to never use it because they couldn’t write or make a good song from it.

You may be thinking ‘But what if someone purchases the beat while I’m writing?’. Well, the answer to that is simple, tough luck. Unless you’ve got G’s to shell out left, right and centre, you’ll have to take that risk.

The more you listen to beats, the more you’ll notice that tracks that employ similar BPMs (beats per minute) and similar patterns are widely available across the internet. Producers don’t mimic each others sounds due to a lack of talent or because they’re uninspired schmucks with no ability to function independently. They do this because they’re not dypublishing. And also, because :

  1. That’s what artists purchase
  2. There’s only so many patterns
  3. It sounds nice

So, if a beat you’re writing to gets purchased, it’s not as difficult as it sounds to find another beat that has a similar BPM, similar synth tones, and gives you the same erotically charged feeling in the pit of your wotsits.

5. Purchase The Beat

By now you’ve already found a beat you like, or stolen something from the dypublishing beat store, scoped out the producer’s pricing and terms, wrote your track, and are now ready to go HAM.

In my opinion, this is one of the easiest parts of this whole process. Thanks to a few beat selling platforms, it’s fairly easy to buy beats and get instant delivery from any producer selling online.

If you’re listening to a beat on YouTube, the video’s description is likely to link directly to a page that will allow you to purchase that beat. If you’re listening to a beat on SoundCloud, the same applies.

Where To Buy Beats Online

If you can’t find information on where to buy their beats from their social profiles or where you heard the instrumental, search their name on:

  • Beatstars.com
  • Soundclick.com
  • Myflashstore.net

If you’re just having a terrible day with beats and can’t find them anywhere on those 3 platforms, you’re going to have to contact them directly. Buying beats direct is how it used to be done and typically involves a little back-and-forth, a PayPal link, your payment, and then an email from the producer with (hopefully) the beat you initially requested.

Then…that’s it – you’re done! For personally created beats and raps for your music projects please contact dypublishing directly.

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