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dypublishing stands for Dylan Yates Publishing. He’s a rapper and Hip hop producer from Reading, UK. dy makes beats and sells lyrics for songs. Contact here for features and requests.

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£500 for 16 bar verse, high quality (studio recorded) PCM stem audio files, rights for performance and distribution signed.

Bring life to your record today: Contact dypublishing.


dypublishing has performed in Reading and London, but doesn’t do it often as he ‘doesn’t like the late nights’.

He doesn’t have a following on social media, mostly because fans don’t want to engage with him, also because he doesn’t have any, and also partially to avoid a digital footprint.

He’s not very active in terms of self-promo and relies on people to magically stumble across his music as if by accident.

He doesn’t like soundcloud, doesn’t do tik tok, and recently deleted all his performances from youtube.

Oh yeah, and he’s looking for a record deal.

Ghost pen

dypublishing creates ghostwritten rap verses and Hip hop instrumentals for aspiring rappers, and doesn’t give a damn who knows about it.


dypublishing produces Hip hop beats, which can be found on the Beats by dypublishing page and Beatstars.

Dream enabling.

The creative conceit for dypublishing is built around one simple idea; the construction of words as a tool to empower.

Language is the business of what he cultivates, sows, and harvests.

He believes the power of language enables the population to dream.

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Finally, Welcome.

Welcome to dypublishing: Song feeds, new releases, merchandise, tour information, news & updates, hip hop instrumentals and ghostwritten rap lyrics by dypublishing.