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dypublishing stands for Dylan Yates Publishing.

It’s the publishing company for songs written and recorded by Dylan Yates, a rapper and Hip hop producer from Reading, UK. Yates makes rap beats and sells song lyrics. Contact here for features and requests.

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dypublishing has performed in Reading and London nightspots, though as irregularly as possible owing to the fact he ‘detests the late nights’.

dyp doesn’t have a social media following, mostly because fans (those that exist) hate any form of engagement, but also (alluding to the first parenthesis) because none exist with which to engage.

He’s not actively self-promoting and relies on people magically stumbling as if by accident across his music.

He doesn’t like soundcloud, do tik tok, or use insta, and recently deleted all live performances from youtube.

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Ghostwriter & Producer

Finally, welcome.